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A few changes...

27th Sep 2021

Just rolled out a new design for the site. The goal was to make everything a little more streamlined, and to apply bulk discounts at the cart level. 

SOAP TIP: store unused soap in a linen closet, this will continue the curing process. A well-cured soap is gentler to the skin and will last longer when used. Simplici soaps are cured 4-6 weeks prior to shipment. All soap inventory is cured and ready to ship/resale. 

FREE SHIPPING: on all orders shipped within the USA. Please consider sending soap as gifts this year. 

Price increase: The cost of ingredients have increased and average of 50% over the past two years. Yes, this inflation is very real right now, and an inevitable price increase went into effect September 27, 2021. 

FUNDRAISERS: Turns out that soap has an amazing shelf life, makes great gifts and practically sells itself. Please contact Gina at Simplici (970-218-0038) to discuss your next fundraiser.