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Bulk Boxes of Activated Charcoal Unscented Bar Soap

Posted by gina tia on

  • Want a long-lasting body, plastic-free body wash? You will love Simplici's traditional bar soap.
  • Over 1 gram of activated charcoal per bar. An adsorptive black soap that leaves you squeaky clean!
  • NO ADDED SCENT. No palm oil. No artificial color. No synthetic fragrance oils. No plastic packaging!
  • Coconut oil & powdered marshmallow root contribute powerful botanical properties to this non-vegan bar.
  • 6 Bar Bulk Pack. Hand-crafted in Pikeville, TN, USA. Try it risk free, today. Money back guaranteed

UNSCENTED CHARCOAL is a face, hand and body cleanser. Artisan crafted by combining coconut oil, activated charcoal and powdered marshmallow root with an Appalachian inspired, centuries old, lard and lye soap recipe. The result is a very hard, long-lasting soap bar that works into a thick, foamy lather.

COCONUT OIL increases the hardness and lathering abilities of this soap – resulting in a very long-lasting bar that lathers well in a variety of water conditions.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is a completely natural, highly adsorptive carbon contributing to this bar’s deep cleansing abilities. There is over one gram of active charcoal per 5-ounce bar! This hand, body and face wash is commonly used with acne, acne prone skin, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

POWDERED MARSHMALLOW ROOT is a vitamin and mineral rich herb that contributes to this soaps smooth and silky texture.

Bar soap is the original bottle-free skin cleanser. Simplici products are conscientiously produced, and completely free of plastic bottles, palm oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and micro-plastic exfoliating beads.

Try all Simplici handmade soaps and find your favorite, risk free, with our money back guarantee. Proudly made in Pikeville, TN, USA.

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