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Hello Clean People,  

Thank you for stopping by. Let me step up on a soapbox for a hot minute so you can know what makes Simplici unique.

Full ingredient disclosure. Uhm, actually I am putting Simplici recipes in the product descriptions now. Making these products is a lot of fun, and sharing my recipes is my way of encouraging everyone to try making soaps, salves, body butter, balm and pure essential oil candles, at least once in this lifetime. Meanwhile, we have tons of inventory and most orders arrive to your doorstep within a week. 

Free shipping. This is new! As of September, 2021 we are covering the shipping on all orders of all sizes to all states in the US … that even includes the 476 bar pack of soap.  

Palm oil free. Always. This is a big deal, since rainforests are being slashed and burned to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is cheap and is in most soap recipes. Simplici soaps start with premium fats and oils for an exceptionally long-lasting soap that leaves skin feeling squeaky clean. 

Eco-friendly packaging. Bar soap is the original plastic bottle free hand, face and body wash. Using bar soap is a simple and effective way to reduce single use plastics. We are mid transition to a compostable label, for 100% biodegradable product and packaging! 

Giving back. 5% of gross sales, and several hundred pounds of soap/year, is reserved for community or global improvement. 2021 donations have included victims of natural disasters, and shelters. 

Artisan crafted. My workers and I take tremendous pride in consistently producing some of the finest, and longest lasting artisan soap on the market today. It starts with some of the words finest ingredients, and the rest is dedication, and 27 years of soaping experience.

Thank you for letting me be your soapmaker, 

Gina Tinnin 


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