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Our Story



Simplici Soap Factory is the manifestation of a passion I have pursued for more than two decades. 

In a way, it started with my childhood herd of goats. Those nanny goats produced more milk than I knew what to do with - until I found a (pretty horrible) goat’s milk soap recipe. I donned safety goggles, my mom’s old yellow rubber gloves, and I began stirring a soap pot. 

At 11 years old, I couldn’t have been prouder of those warped and bumpy little soap bars, even though they stank horribly, and I was the only person in my family excited to use them. Eventually I sold the goats, and I kept on making soap, living life, and occasionally thinking about the day that I would someday turn my hobby into more.  

A turning point came in 2012 with a 10-day trip to Africa. We loaded food, fuel and water onto dirt bikes and saw a beautiful and diverse 1000-mile loop of Kenya. All the necessities left little room for toiletries on the bikes, so I grabbed a bar from my most recent batch of soap, and hoped for the best. It was an amazing trip – with lots of mud and dust and sweat and memories. 

I used that single bar of soap to wash my hands, face, body, to shampoo my hair, to shave with and even to wash my clothes. That bar was so versatile, so dense, and so very long-lasting that by the end of the trip, there was still half of the bar left. At that point, I realized I had found the soap recipe I wanted to build a business with.

After about a year of scaling up the equipment, recipes and production space, Simplici officially launched in April of 2013. By March 2018, Simplici Soap Factory outgrew the garage and transitioned into a production and retail space right off of the town square in my hometown of Centerville, Tennessee.

We are still making the Original Simplici Recipe that I brought on the Kenya dirt bike trip – now available in a wide variety of added scents, colors and textures.

You will find that all of our products are uncomplicated and very long-lasting. Beyond that, there are some other things you can expect when choosing Simplici.

1)   100% natural scent, color & textures.

      • Pure essential oils for scent.
      • Activated charcoal, clays and botanicals for color.
      • Pumice and herbs for texture.
      • Smooth AND unscented bars are also available.

2)   Palm oil free

      • Because ecological sustainability and biodiversity is worth the cost of premium oils/ingredients.

3)   Minimal packaging

      • Because cleaning humanity shouldn’t trash the earth.
      • Simplici customers reduce plastic body wash bottle wast from entering the ecosystem by an average of 40,000 bottles a year – simply by choosing bar soap. 

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for joining us in making this world a cleaner place, one bar of soap at a time....

Gina Tia Tinnin


107 Church Street

Centerville, TN 37033

970-218-0038 (call or text)